God is amazing…! I experienced that at the health expo in Odense.

I feel like sharing with you my experiences from the health expo in Odense today.

First a very powerful experience…. At the stand, we talked to a girl who was fairly negative, and who really didn’t want to receive prayer, because she had experienced in the past how “Christians” had let her down…. But she still agreed to have God’s blessing prayed in over her, while her friend stood around waiting with a very ‘cold’ and ‘dismissive’ attitude.

While this was going on, I was talking to someone from “Martinus” about God’s freedom and about the reality of demons. While we were talking, the girl who had just been blessed with the power of God went over to her very dismissive friend. They only take very few steps… Then the dismissed friend suddenly collapses to the floor…. Lifeless and ghostly pale… She is completely out, and her friend is trying to take her pulse.

Birte and I rush over there, and I place a hand on her head and say “In the name of Jesus, get up!“…and at that very moment, she sits up. We keep praying for her, while a crowd of spectators are gathering around her… Then she starts to shake. She is cramping up and pulling away from me, while she says, “Don’t. Stop that”. We keep praying, and it is very obvious that she is trying to get away, and that a demon inside her is manifesting. She asks me to stop again, while she pulls even further away from me – the power of God was too much for the demon.

Unfortunately, she was brought into a different room by her friend and another person. So we weren’t able to see it to the end and deliver her…. But you’d better believe that the power of God was a strong presence…. Wow (an aside added later on: Sara, who met God on this occasion, actually returned the next day – and was later healed for failing kidneys. She gave her life to Jesus!)

Afterwards, I could go back to the lady from “Martinus”, who had seen it all and truly witnessed the power of God up close… Her comment was: “That stuff sure is powerful”… God emphasized precisely all the things we had been talking about. She sure got some things to think about. I think it’s what they call ‘a supporting talk’. Wow….

Another experience…. We also stopped an elderly lady who was actually going go great pains to walk past us while looking the other way…. In the beginning, she was terribly negative. Her entire vibe was negative… And when we preached the gospel to her, she felt oh, so condemned… Imagine believing that there is such a place as hell – and that it’s only people who actively choose to follow Jesus who go to heaven – she couldn’t handle it at all. But it soon turned out that as a child, she had experienced people who called themselves Christians, but who had also treated her vary badly…. I APOLOGIZED on behalf of the ‘Christians’, because they had not represented Jesus, even though they still called themselves Christians. We got to tell her how Jesus wants to be a LOVING and FAITHFUL father who wants to have fellowship and a friendship with her. She slowly came around… we got to pray for her, and she was healed from her pain while she watched one of her legs grow 1.5 cm… But most importantly… she truly experienced the power of God, and she experienced FREEDOM. Her entire face changed drastically. Her eyes started to shine, and she was practically beaming.
– from being SO negative and obstinate, she gave us a huge hug. Wow…. Jesus really changed her.

Jesus is alive…! And He truly sets people free – even today…! All honor to Jesus Christ.

….and a loving and admonishing aside…: If you call yourself a Christian, then BEHAVE PROPERLY with everyone…!! Remember that YOU are a representative for Jesus Christ. YOU are His ambassador…. So drop ire, anger, jealousy, and hurtful and demeaning words!! Speak love and convey the love of Jesus….

Andreas Slot-Henriksen
17. February 2018

 Translated from Danish in 2019
by Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen

Birte og Andreas Slot-Henriksen underviser her om den okkulte “New Age verden” og beskriver endvidere, hvordan Yoga hænger uløseligt sammen med det okkulte.