This is really crazy, wonderful and absolutely amazing…

Names etc. have been changed a little  due to a request for anonymity.

Tuesday May 1, 2018, we are praying for someone in this house, and Louise is participating… but in the middle of the prayer she has a vision of a traffic accident – completely out of context. It appears several times, so she decides to go off by herself to seek God more intensely with the question ”Why?”. The answer comes in another vision: ”A frightened child screaming for its mother”. Louise immediately gets the feeling that her mom must have been implicated in a traffic accident, and when she can neither get a hold of her mother,  her father, or her brother by phone, she decides to get in her car and go check things out. It turns out that all three of them are in a meeting and all is well… so Louise gets back into the car to head back. She turns on the radio, and immediately she hears the beginning of the one song that is she and her very close friend Mille consider “their” song.

…And Louise is immediately 100% certain that this traffic accident is not about her mother, but rather about Mille… and no more than another 30 seconds later, the phone rings… it is one of Mille’s daughters telling her that Mille has just been in a bad traffic accident. She has been hit by a truck and pushed into a ditch with the truck landed on top of the car with Mille inside. She arrives at the hospital more or less dead. She is in a coma, her back is broken in several places, and she is seriously injured. The doctors choose to keep her on life support for no more than 24 hours, as there are no real chances for survival – and if she were to survive against all odds, it would be as “a vegetable”.

We have a small home group that meets on Wednesdays for prayer, praise, and teaching, etc., but it “just so” happened that this once, the group was moved to the exact Tuesday when Mille’s accident happened… therefore we choose to start an active prayer war for Mille. We receive a whole lot of words  and visions through the entire situation indicating that God will raise her and heal her precisely like Jesus did with Lazarus… and indeed, it is no more than 30 minutes later when Louise receives a phone call informing her that Mille is suddenly breathing on her own, and that her heart has a steady beat… wow!! She is still in a coma, but she is totally stable – and no longer using a respirator.

In the middle of everything with Mille in a coma, we talk to Louise about going up to pray for Mille physically, men when you are a brand-new Christian like Louise, it’s a pretty big step to ask the family for permission to come – and it is also a big step to pray for someone when it is as serious as this…. And what if they say, “no thank you”. Also, she is not motivated to see Mille, because she isn’t exactly looking great after the accident, so in spite of a lot of discussion back and forth, it doesn’t really wind up panning out.

16 days after the accident, Mille is still in a coma without further changes… we pray for her again in our Bible study group (Mille is a non-believer)… and “the only” result of our prayer is that Louise gets a vision of Mille… almost like she is a crystal ball with a light inside it… then the light goes out, the ball dries out, shrivels up, and is almost pulverized. Louise realizes immediately what it means – that Mille will die! So, naturally Louise withdraws, breaking down in grief and with a guilty conscience because she didn’t pray for her… or at least offered the family prayer for her.

I have a good talk with Louise about the fact that the visions God gives us are not necessarily about how things will be in the future, but rather about how the future will look if we don’t act on the things God wants. The talk ends with Louise contacting the family and getting permission to pray for Mille in Skejby the following day – but she must come alone, since they don’t have the energy to deal with new people in the middle of the serious crisis they are facing.

Thursday May 17 – 17 days after the accident – Mille is moved to Odense University Hospital (OUH), on the very day Louise has been given permission to pray for Mille. I accompany Louise to Odense as moral support, but I stay in the foyer, while she finds her way to the neurointensive care unit alone. At this point, Louise has never prayed out loud more than 4-5 times in her life… so this is something VERY unfamiliar, she doesn’t feel like seeing Mille covered in all sorts of tubes, and the whole thing is extremely uncomfortable – but God had called her, so there she goes!!!

When Louise enters the room, she starts out by praying briefly for one of Mille’s daughters, who gains a sense of peace from it. Next, Louise lays her hand on Mille and prays for her very briefly. Then she sees a vision of a clock without hands, but she clearly hears the sound “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock”. She looks around the room to check if there is an actual clock, but there isn’t…. Then she opts to switch to speaking in tongues, but she feels God stopping it – almost like ”everything that needs saying has been said”, and God then impresses her to look up Psalms 41:3: “The Lord will strengthen him on his bed of illness; You will sustain him on his sickbed”. She reads it out loud for the family and quickly leave, firmly convinced that God has moved…!

Just over an hour after the visit, Louise gets a text message: “Mille is awake”… and already the following day, she is up and about – going to the bathroom by herself in spite of having a broken back, etc.! She has no paralysis and no back pain (only pain in her head) – and not only that, but last week Mille decided she had enough of the hospital, so she discharged herself and is now at home!!!

Jesus Christ has healed Mille…! HALLELUJAH…

Now we have a task before us to keep telling and teaching the family about Jesus, so He may be glorified by this amazing testimony
….for how could you not believe in Jesus after such an amazing and miraculous intervention.

All honor, praise, and respect to our Father in Heaven. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DU FOR US, JESUS…!

Andreas Slot-Henriksen
July 2018

Translated from Danish
by Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen